Surprise Visit from Auntie Jen!

My sister surprised the boys with a visit this past weekend.  She purchased her ticket on Thursday afternoon and was on a flight on Friday afternoon!  She had been looking into dates to come visit (for work and for pleasure) and at the last minute this worked out.  We were thrilled to spend some time with her and crammed lots of fun activities into her few days with us (and she even got some work done, too!).

I didn’t get a good “surprise” picture from when the boys first saw her…but I did my best.  Micah looks somewhat miserable because he had an ear infection.

Micah had Jen try a Kumquat right away, since he likes them and likes to see how people react when they try them for the first time.  Ethan spent the morning reading Knock, Knock jokes to us.

We did some hiking at Dinosaur Ridge – a field trip I’ve been wanting to take the boys on for some time now!

We also enjoyed watching some of the Masters together.  We made egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches in honor of Masters weekend.  Such fun!

Here are some other shots of our time around the house: game-playing, movie-watching, and book-reading:

E took Jennie (or maybe it was the other way around…) on a couple run/bikes:

And we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (we decided to buy a family pass, so if any of you want to attend with us, let me know!!).  Jennie sold some of her product to the gift shop there (awesome!!) so keep your eye out for her beautiful stone sculptures next time you go. =)

We love you, Auntie Jen!  Thanks for visiting us!!  Come back soon!


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