Well, last Wednesday the Cleve Crew had a pretty eventful evening.  Mike was in Georgia – he travels there every few weeks for work – but his sister (who is moving here in less than a month!!) just got into town for her Spring Break.  We took her to the park to enjoy the beautiful sunshine before Zach came over for dinner.  We were having a lovely time.  Micah was climbing trees, pretending to be a jaguar.  Lovely.

IMG_8847 IMG_8849 IMG_8851 IMG_8852

Then we went over to the rocks.  You’ve seen this picture before from a couple weekends ago, but this is the place where things went south. =/


Sweet Micah was jumping from rock to rock…making me nervous, as usual (we have since established two rules – no jumping on rocks in crocs and NO jumping on rocks without Daddio present)…when he misstepped and ended up hitting his head.  It wasn’t actually all that horrible of a cut, but cuts on the head bleed. A lot.  So, that happened.  And while trying to stop the bleeding by applying pressure…I started to feel a little sick.  Sadly, anyone who knows me fairly well knows where this story is heading by now…. =/  Anyway, I fainted and also fell on my head.  Drama ensued.  Suffice it to say that “heroes” came to our rescue (Micah refers to the EMTs in this fashion), as did Aunt Melanie and Uncle Joel, who are also heroes (thank you to Ace for calling them and thank you to them for dropping everything to come to our aid!).

I must interject a funny story here because it makes me giggle.  One of the EMTs was talking with me, as I was lying on the ground all cut up.  She looked at my knee and said, “oh wow!  you really hit your knee hard! does it hurt? (YES!) it’s not too bloody, but you’ve got a very big bump on it.”  I’m thinking, “yeah, it hurts a whole lot. Shoot, I hope it’s not serious.”  Then it dawns on me…the bump on my knee is what my knee looks like normally.  (look up osgood-schlatter disease if you’ve never noticed my ugly bump!)  I laughed and laughed and told her that was just my normal knee. =D

Micah was incredibly brave.  He cried when it first happened, of course, but my fainting must have scared the tears out of him because I never saw him cry about it again.  If asked how he was feeling, “I’m fine!” was his reply.  When asked if his head hurt, “no, I’m okay!” came his cheery answer.  No big deal.  At all.  He was brave and cheerful at the Urgent Care as well.  He didn’t end up needing stitches, but they cleaned his cut.  He didn’t even wince.  It was crazy.

IMG_8853 IMG_8854

I am another story altogether.  I’d like to tell you that I was super brave, too.  Maybe I was brave, but I did throw up a whole lot and have to get stitches.  So, there’s that.


I’m incredibly thankful for my Auntie who stayed with me, driving me to and fro while I threw up in her car, the whole evening!  What a trooper!  And I’m also incredibly thankful to Ashley, who stayed with our boys…keeping them safe and calm while the chaos went down…and who stayed the night with me to make sure I was okay!  She even made sure we made it to CC in the morning, since I wasn’t feeling well enough to drive, yet. =D  Please note how un-hurt Micah is here with his Uncle Zach.

I did finally get a black eye…something childhood Jess always hoped would happen through some cool sports injury.  Passing out on concrete is not quite as cool…

IMG_8875 IMG_8883

Stitches came out today!  And I had all my boys with me. =)

IMG_8939IMG_0438  IMG_8940 IMG_8943

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