April in Colorado

It’s time for another general update on life in Colorado.  We are really getting settled and loving our new home.  However, just yesterday Micah told me he would like to move back to Georgia because he liked his friends, his home and his school there.  I’m thankful for the movie, “Inside Out” because it demonstrated how to articulate missing one place while still making new memories at a new place.  I think it’s helped us to communicate about our feelings openly and honestly.

E and I finished reading, “Prince Caspian” and watched the Disney version of it.  We were a little disappointed with how different from the book this one was, yet again.  I think E probably enjoyed “Prince Caspian” the most out of any of the Chronicles books so far.  I’m excited because the next one – “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” – is probably my favorite!

Micah is my little chef.  He really enjoys keeping me company while I cook and has been cutting up carrots, apples, or oranges to go along with most meals.  He also loves to make special drinks for everyone to share – lemon or lime squeezed into water.

We are continuing homeschooling for a few more weeks.  As of today, we still have 30 hours to complete for our requirement.  I suspect we will go well over that requirement.  Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to lately:

Last week the boys came up with a fun project: to make a museum.  Mike and I had a lovely visit.

And here are some other snapshots into our life:

As you can see, Micah is my official gift-giver.  He loves to bring flowers and other presents to me throughout the day.  The boys love to make a mess everyone in the house and it makes me smile to see so much LIFE everywhere (it also drives me crazy by the end of the day…so it’s usually cleaned up by bedtime!).  They also love to be warriors and have wars all the time.  The other morning they were both dressed in blue because they were on the side of the Union during the Civil War.  They even had a nurse’s tent set up for the inevitable injuries.  Also, my eye is pretty well healed now. =)

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