Although it’s not quite summer for us (10 hours left…but also a whole lot of Math!), we are gearing up for it.  We’ve started a Reading Chart for the months of May-August.  The boys each picked what they wanted me to draw for their poster and then I did my best.  Micah chose a knight and Ethan chose a war ship.  Both were happy with how they turned out and have been excited to color in sections for each book we read.

Ethan recently discovered and has been loving playing “video games”.  He gets to answer questions based on the books he has read and then gets to decorate his very own tree house.  It’s very motivational for him – he’s already re-read (for the 3rd time, probably…) the first 12 or so books in the series.

We decided to buy the BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia since we weren’t able to rent or borrow them anywhere.  The boys (primarily Ethan, of course) have listened to “The Magician’s Nephew”, “The Horse and His Boy”, “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Prince Caspian”.  We just started “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”  There are movies for quite a few of these books and although the BBC version is fairly corny, they are much more close to the books than the Disney versions.  Anyway, it’s been a blast sharing my love of this series with them.  E asked me if we could read them all over again when we finish. =D


Homeschooling isn’t always easy.  We’ve had some particularly rough days in the last couple of weeks.  I don’t take pictures of the sassy faces and whatnot, but pictures of these boys loving to learn…I’ll take those all day. =)  This is one of my favorites ever:


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