Mother’s Day

So, you’ve probably noticed by now that we take birthdays and holidays pretty lightly around here.  I always think, “man, I should do more to make this special for everyone” and then the day arrives and very little “exciting” things were planned.  Thankfully, no one seems to mind in the Cleve Crew, including me!  =)

For Mother’s Day, we celebrated by going to one of my fav spots in Denver for a picnic lunch: Daniels Park.  The boys loved it and want to go back again (and maybe in less fancy attire!!).  It was such a perfect day to just be together and relax.

That evening, also at my request, we headed out for a spur of the moment family walk.  Mikey took a picture of Ethan and I because of our ridiculous choice in outfits! =D


Throwback to the time we took Cass, Adam and Hana to Daniels Park while I was almost 8 months pregnant with Ethan:

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