What We’ve Been Up To…

We’ve had the chance to be with some of our friends recently – a lovely blessing.  The boys and I joined Kelsey and P for dinner at her house and then we had the two of them over to ours the following week (didn’t snap a pic that night).  And we also celebrated her birthday at a surprise party!  This is a pic of the “Superman League” children (the guys from Mike’s fantasy football league he’s been in for about ten years now…).

The weather has been lovely, so we’ve gotten in some outdoor workouts.  For “recess”, the boys and I go to the park up the street (yes, the same park where I fainted) and I do a workout while they play on the playground.  It’s been wonderful!  I wish I would have thought of that idea sooner.  E and I went out last week – he was on his bike and I was rollerblading.  We saw a snake!

We’ve also done some finishing up of our school year.  We’ve still got some math to catch up on, but we’ve now finished all of our other books!  Micah put on a couple of plays for me for school.  E decided to make a map of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader with me!  We also did some painting outside.  It’s been fun to have a more relaxed, laid-back schedule this past month.

We joined our cousins for Dart Wars this month, too!  And then we went out for frozen yogurt.  Awesome! =)

I don’t always post our birthday song videos, but this one is darling.  We’re pretty big fans of Uncle Jason. =D

And then he needed to play “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”

Also, Mikey snapped this shot of Micah and me the other morning:


And, last but not least, my children are now spies:  Ethan AKA the black spy and Micah AKA the white spy.


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