Our time in Flagstaff was lovely.  We were able to spend time with lots of our family, visit a bunch of cool sites (including more National Parks/Monuments), and celebrate Ashley’s graduation!  We could not have asked for better weather and I don’t think we could have squeezed any more fun into those few days!

Friday: We went to Walnut Canyon in the morning with Grandma Cleve and Ashley.  The path we had intended to hike was closed for the month, but we still were able to do a short little hike and see the views.  We read a sign that mentioned mountain lions and coyotes and whatnot so we took the opportunity to quiz the boys about what they should do if they ever ran across one.  We agreed that throwing rocks and being big and loud was a good idea, so Micah proceeded to stuff rocks in his pockets for the remainder of the hike and told us that he would protect those of us who did not have rocks. His shorts were nearly on the ground by the time we finished. =D

Mikey and I decided to take pictures like we were jumping off the canyon.  One of us has more physical ability than the other…we could not stop laughing at my “jump”.

That afternoon, we headed to NAU for Ashley’s pinning ceremony.  We had never been to one of those before and it was neat to see!  The boys did a nice job sitting still.  Micah enjoyed being dressed, “sharp!”  He now loves to tell me that I’m looking sharp today…he even told me that the other day when I hadn’t showered and was still in my pjs, so I’m not sure he fully understands the compliment. =D

After the ceremony, a group of us headed to Sunset Crater Volcano.  One car headed home after checking it out to get dinner ready and we continued on to Wupatki National Park (another checkmark in our book! woot!) with Grandpa Russ.

Saturday: A group of us headed out to play disc golf that morning.  We had a great time and beautiful weather again.  Micah played most of the course all the way through, which is definitely a first for him!  When we got back, we had another delicious lunch (thanks to Grandma Cleve and Great Granny A for all of their preparation!).  Everyone headed to the graduation that afternoon, except our family and Grandpa Russ and Great Granny A.  We got ready for the party that evening. =)

Mikey made this awesome video of Micah playing disc golf:

Our hotel worked out wonderfully, but I didn’t take a lot of pictures of our time there.  Here are the only pics I took there:

We absolutely loved our trip to Arizona to be with our family!  I’ll do another separate post about our adventures driving home. =)

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