Everyday Life

Just wanted to do a quick post of some everyday life pictures.  No big stories go along with these pictures, but they just give a glimpse into what we are up to on a regular basis.

We were given Grandma Cleveland’s (Mike’s Dad’s Mom) marble collection.  We’ve been having loads of fun with it ever since!  We spent one morning testing which marbles went the farthest and made a graph to keep track. =)

Game night – something we can do more often now that Mikey works from home.  We eat dinner most nights a lot earlier now so we often have time afterwards to go for a walk or to play games:

Playdates – eating popsicles with P (Micah is dressed up as a white spy) and playing music at a concert with H and S:

One morning after I got back from my trip, E requested that everyone make their own breakfasts – whatever they wanted.  I complied.  They put non-cooked oatmeal, almond butter, and a couple chocolate chips together and loved it.  Easy for me! =)


We went to Barnes n Noble this week so that E could get his free book.  He also found loads of books he wants to get for his birthday, especially Fact Tracker books from MTH and books about Star Wars. =D

Found this growing in my yard…seems too pretty to be a weed.


Micah is really starting to show an interest in building things.  We’re encouraging him into the engineering field now, naturally. =D  After every rest he has some new creation to show us.  He’s especially proud that he does that “all by myself.  with no help.  none at all.”


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