Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  We made a concerted effort to be thankful many times throughout the weekend for our freedoms, although we did not do anything particular to celebrate.

We celebrated the sale of our home in Georgia on Friday night with take-out sushi (adults only) and angel food cake with homemade whipped cream and strawberries.  What an incredible blessing to have been able to sell our home to another family – both families felt like we were getting a great blessing in this sale!


We spent most of our Saturday doing yard work.  I’m thinking I’ll do a whole post in honor of that…we took down TONS of overgrown bushes and whatnot!  It was lots of fun and lots of work! =)

On Sunday, we each created our own breakfasts out of sweet potato “toast” and avocados, guacamole, peppers, carrots, etc.  Then, we went to church – our first time at the new building!  After church, we went to a Memorial Day celebration for lunch and a few games.

That evening we went for a hike (despite looming storm clouds!) with our friends and family.  It ended up being a perfect evening and we’re all so glad we were up for a spontaneous activity!  We will definitely go back to Mt. Falcon as it was an easy, but beautiful hike.  Grandpa/Dad – Micah took that picture of the flower for you. =)

And on Monday, we headed out to Evergreen.  We did a little picnic there and then spent some time on a pedal boat.  We even enjoyed ice cream on the way home!

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