Celebrating Ethan

Ethan is 7 years old.  It’s incredibly difficult for me to even fathom that he’s that old already.  I remember turning 7.  My mom threw the best b-day party ever: a super soaker party!  It was epic. We didn’t reach that level of party this year, but we sure had a nice time celebrating with our family!!

Let me start by showing Ethan on his birthday over the past 7 years because throwbacks are always lots of fun:

We started his birthday celebrations with homemade waffles!  My dear friend lent us her waffle maker (thank you, again!) and E made the homemade whipped cream himself.

That morning we went to the theater to see “The Lego Movie” for $1.  I think I enjoyed it the most.  =)  We were able to Skype with Grandma Cleve and Grandpa and Grandma for some opening of presents.

In the afternoon we went to the park with our extended family (sadly missing Zach because he had to work) to enjoy some ice cream cake!  Ethan was super pumped about spending time with everyone and having a cake with his name on it.  After time at the park, most of us went to Pei Wei for dinner.  And we opened some presents that evening.

The following day he got his present from us – nerf guns to play dart wars as a family.  He was pretty pumped.  Mike also took E and his cousins and one of his friends (and his daddy) to Dart Wars.  They had a blast!  Micah and I stayed home and watched a movie (and played some dart wars at home).

Thank you to everyone who made Ethan feel so special!  He loved all of the time with you, the cards, videos, presents and emails!

Happy 7th birthday, buddy!  We’re proud of the young man you are becoming.

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