Our Backyard

When we moved in to our home, the backyard was pretty overgrown.  We don’t have a master plan in place for the space, but we knew we wanted to get rid of a lot of the bushes that had been neglected over the years.  Not only were they overgrown, the bushes were falling over because of all of the snow we had this early spring.  Anyway, we rented an electric chainsaw and went to work!  It’s definitely a work in progress and we’re not sure how much more work we’ll do on it this year, but we’re pleased with the progress thus far.

As you can see, it really opened up that area.  But, as many of you know, the boys’ hideout was exposed when we removed all of those overgrown bushes.  They were, thankfully, perfectly happy to move their fort to a different spot in the yard.

Their fort is behind the big tree in the garden section of the yard shown here.  I spent quite a bit of time weeding and pruning this area.  It’s still pretty overgrown and whatnot, but I think it looks very much improved!

And here is where I am debating building some garden boxes to have a little veggie/herb garden.  This whole section is a crazy mess, but it gets a fair amount of sun so it could work.  We’ll see.  And maybe a new fence.  Haha!  Yikes! =D


I don’t know whether Mike would say he enjoyed doing all of the work back there, but I thought it was a blast! =)

More to come on our efforts back there.

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