Meagen Graduated!

I met Meagen back in 2008 and liked her from the moment I met her!  We met through Friends for Youth, where I worked, and had a formal mentoring friendship for a good 4-5 years.  We have stayed in touch ever since.  She attended my baby shower (pregnant with Ethan), rode lots of horses with me, played paintball and laser tag and did ropes courses with me.  She even came out to Georgia to visit me!  Four years ago, I attended her high school graduation.  This summer, I had the privilege of attending her college graduation from DU.  She graduated with a degree in Medical Engineering and has already been accepted into the graduate program at DU.  You will, most likely, see pictures of this young lady graduating from there in another year or two.  Unbelievable.  Words cannot adequately describe what she means to me, how proud I am of her, or how thankful I am to have her in my life.  She’s an incredible woman and I’m proud to call her friend.

College graduation pics:

High school graduation:


And, because I love looking back at the fun things we’ve done in our friendship over the past 8 years, here are some oldies:

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