Cleve Crew Life

Here’s a glimpse into our world…

Sounds you hear at our house?  Micah making Darth Vader music while playing with his legos.  Ethan requesting that I read him some “T.C.O.N.” (he loves acronyms or spelling things out – this one refers to reading The Chronicles of Narnia)  And, as sad as this might be to admit, you will often hear me asking for only one kiss, not a million.  There’s a lot of love shown in this home, but as an introverted mom, I get overwhelmed by all the displays of affection. =D  You will also hear me saying, “if you’re going to shoot at someone, make sure they have their glasses on!” (this is referring to dart guns)

Foods we are loving to eat?  Micah’s request will forever be oatmeal and eggs for breakfast and anything that might qualify as a “special treat.”  He will, however, often ask whether what he is eating is healthy. 😉  Ethan is always heard asking for seconds and is usually pleased with most options.  I can’t feed him enough food.  This is literally the truth as far as I can remember…he has never uttered the words, “I’m full.”  Mikey brought the habit of drinking cans of sparkling waters home from the BIAS office, so that’s the other frequent request around here.

We have a lot of fun in this home.  My heart is full.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Milestone alert: Ethan and I just finished the entire book (all 6 books) of The Chronicles of Narnia.  We loved it!  It was such a special time for us and we’ve already committed to reading them all over again often!

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