A few weeks have passed by since our quick day trip to Breckenridge…sometimes life gets in the way of posting!  I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath.  😉

The boys each took a ride with Daddio.  You can tell by the pictures and videos that they had different reactions to the adventure.  Both would tell you it was awesome, though!

We ate lunch at a “Chicago” hot dog place.  E saw this and wanted to take a picture for Uncle Jason. =)  And Micah is trying to imitate the dog that was on the sign when we walked in.  So funny.

That weekend we also went to Daniels Park for a picnic.  Love that spot!!

2 thoughts on “Breckenridge

  1. I think moving away for a few years really helped motivated us to just DO IT. We felt like we missed out on a lot of the wonderfulness of Colorado the first time around. So we’re trying to “make it count” now =)

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