Grandpa and Grandma in town!

We absolutely love having Grandpa and Grandma in town.  This was their first visit since the move, so it was lots of fun to show them around the house and neighborhood.  We had dinner their first night here at Mel and Joel’s house.  We had a lot of fun in the backyard playing.  We did some family workouts for a competition at Mike’s work while we were there.

They did LOTS of work in our backyard.  And I mean LOTS.  It was such a blessing to us and it really improved the space!!  These are just the pictures that I took while we were still around:

Mikey and I enjoyed a couple of days with them, but then we headed out on our own adventure (more on that in posts to come).  The boys had almost a full week with just Grandpa and Grandma and they had SO much fun!  And, lucky for you, my Dad takes incredible pictures.  Here is an overview of their week together.

Highlights seem to include building boats and testing them in the water:


Playing in the water:

Mt. Falcon:

Books, being silly, building, biking, and general merriment:

We are incredibly thankful for their generosity.  We could not have done this trip without them.  They were not only willing, but excited about the opportunity to spend so much time with the boys.  And the boys simply loved all that attention!  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for taking such great care of the boys and making it so much easier to be away.  We appreciate you!!

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