Meanwhile…Belize (part 2)


We had breakfast at the golf resort.  This is the restaurant and Paul, the owner.

Then we headed north to Patchacan to visit Jacob’s Farm, a rehabilitation center for men recovering from addictions.  It is the only rehab center in Belize and it happens to be run by a wonderful man, Ismael.  He is the brother of a family friend and the resemblance was so comforting.  We absolutely LOVE what he is doing there and his faith and compassion were very evident and beautiful.  Learn more here.

This was just about as far north in Belize as you could get (just over the Mexican border), so we didn’t have a lot of time there before we had to start the drive back down close to the southern border.  The roads aren’t great and are not well-lit, so driving after dark is not advised.  We attempted to stop at the prison gift shop on our way back through, but it was already closed!  We were so bummed.  This is the only prison in Belize and they have gifts made by the inmates and sold by them.  It seemed like a really neat idea and we had hoped to learn more.


We made it to a super lovely hotel on the ocean that evening.  We ordered their special – lobster!! =)

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