Early July

The boys were definitely glad to see us again when we arrived.  Micah needed to be near me a fair bit that following week and wanted a lot of extra snuggle time. =)  I’ll take it!

We had a very low key 4th weekend.  My parents flew back home early Saturday morning.  Unfortunately I fainted that morning, so it kind of threw off the rest of our long weekend plans.

By the 4th, however, I was feeling quite a bit better.  So we met our family friends at a pool and then had dinner and fireworks at their home.  It was a perfect way to spend the holiday!

My parents signed the boys up for a cool reading program through our library.  I was pretty pumped that they did because I had been looking for something fun for the boys.  E had to read 6 books and Micah had to do 8 various activities related to reading and writing and playing.  Here’s what they earned:


The boys LOVE to battle.  There is constantly some sort of battle of good vs bad in our home.  Often they request “The Imperial March” to be playing during battle time.  The other night they readied themselves for a battle against Daddio.  He had told them he needed a little time before it could start, so we all assumed he needed to finish up some work.  Turned out he was busy getting dressed for the battle himself. =D

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