I love this summer tradition.  And I can say it is a tradition now because it’s happened 4 summers in a row.  Our family meets up with Cass’ family someplace in between our homes and we spend a weekend together.  This is time we cherish, especially Cass and me.

For fun, I thought I would include a group pic from each summer leading up to this one:


Omaha was great!  It was a 7.5 hour drive for both of us and the city itself was really very nice.  The first night we played in the hotel suite for a while, walked to dinner, and then played outside before it was time to call it a night.

On Saturday, we went to the Omaha Zoo.  It was a really nice zoo!  Three of the four kiddos got to feed giraffes (for free – woot!).  We had a hard time getting a picture of all four of them here.

We spent some more time in our suite hanging out and then went to dinner and walked around a park looking at the fountains.

We spent half of the day together on Sunday, too, before driving to our respective homes.  The kids love so many of the same things, which makes this trip really fun for all of us.  The kiddos put on a little play for the adults (I read the book) before we checked out of the hotel.  It was adorable.  We spent the last of our time together at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.  The boys got stamps to add to their passports.  And the older kiddos did the Jr Ranger program there.  Then we walked the bridge between Nebraska and Iowa and stood in both states at the same time. =)

This was another great annual family trip with these guys.  We appreciate their friendship so much.  It’s definitely one of my greatest blessings.  Next stop?  We don’t know, yet.  But we’ll figure something out for next summer!

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