July Days

Every Tuesday night in the summer, about three blocks away, our neighborhood has free concerts!  Last week we finally made it to one.  We grabbed some take out and ate our lunch while listening to some live country music.  It was fun, even though Mikey and I don’t like country tunes. =)

Micah continues to be a very strong builder/creator.  He loves to make new things and show off his creations.  Here’s something he made during his rest time entirely by himself.


I took the boys to our library for a juggling show.  It was lots of fun.  The boys were laughing and really enjoying themselves the whole time.  And at the end they got to pet a bunny and practice juggling.  =)  Plus, we got their new prizes: E picked a book and Micah got a “fitness ducky” (a rubber ducky that floats and is holding weights).

Just the other day we had a crazy storm.  CRAZY.  We discovered we might need to do some drainage work in the backyard (oh joy!) as water seems to be pooling during big storms.  Anyway, it hailed!!  Golfball-sized hail.  Please see picture for proof:

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