Colorado Livin’ in July

Time to get the blog updated with various happenings over the past month.

Most Mondays Mike plays 9 holes of golf in his golf league with a bunch of his buddies.  Sometimes Ethan goes along to play.  Often, the boys and I have dinner over at our friend’s house (whose hubby also plays golf) those evenings.  And if we do that, the kiddos like to help Kelsey cut some mint to bring home for tea.

I took the boys to a park about 15 minutes away (I re-discovered it during their VBS week) and we had the best time playing in the creek.  At first we stayed where everyone else was playing, but then we ventured off on a good half mile (or longer) walk down the creek to a playground nearby.  We had a blast!

Micah has been on a big kick with wanting us to take pictures of various things.  Here are some from the past two weeks, at his request:

The boys have been having some serious fun at the park up the street.  Mikey has been taking them there to play for a bit while I cook dinner and it’s been so lovely for all of us!


That’s it for now… =)

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