More life in July

This month, for some reason unbeknownst to me, the boys have been getting along famously.  They play together regularly – legos, looking at books, playing outside.  It’s been lovely and such a blessing to see.

Last weekend we got Chipotle to go and ate it at the Cherry Creek Reservoir right by our house.  Micah and I walked most of the way there while the other guys drove to pick up the food.  It was a lovely night and we definitely plan to have more picnics there in the future.

I went to a garage sale – one woman’s junk, another woman’s treasure, baby! – and found some steals.  I purchased a bike for Micah for $20 and a new scooter for $5.  Boom!  He was pretty excited.   And, no, the temperature was not really warranting sweatshirts and long pants.  He’s just a silly boy whose mind cannot be changed. =/

We had the special privilege of celebrating this little guy’s birthday this week!  After we sang for him, all the kiddos decided they’d like to have their own candle to blow out.  Why not?  =D  Like this sweet family so much!

My parents planted tomatoes and some herbs when Mikey and I were in Belize, you may recall.  Well, something glorious happened!  We didn’t kill our plants and actually got to eat a meal grown in our own backyard (cheese and bread not included).  Naturally, we needed to Skype with them while we enjoyed our delicious dinner.

Milestone alert: Ethan has officially been stung by a yellow jacket.  It was traumatic, I’m told (I was on a walk at the time), but lavender essential oils really helped!


The boys have continued working on the library program.  Ethan read 18 chapter books and won various prizes.  Meanwhile, Micah has done various activities to earn his prizes (things like have a dance party, look at a book with no words, play a rhyming game, etc.)  Ethan’s latest prize was a kids’ meal at Chipotle.  What you may not realize is that he has NEVER eaten a kids’ meal at Chipotle.  So, he gave it to Micah and ordered a burrito (as opposed to a burrito bowl) and ate the whole thing.  Micah’s prize was a new book – he picked out a Star Wars book with no hesitation.  They are busy reading and researching in preparation for their first viewing (episode 4) this weekend.

On our walk home from Chipotle, the boys ran through the sprinklers…because why not?

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