Wisconsin Trip: Packers Practice

We had the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin!  My cousin recently got married in New Zealand (where she has been living) and then had a reception in Milwaukee, her hometown.  We celebrated that occasion and combined it with a reunion of my Mom’s side of the family.  It was a fantastic trip!  I’ve got quite a few pictures, so I’m devoting a couple of posts to it.

As usual, photo cred for any of the outstanding pics goes to my Dad.  You’ll be able to spot them out in a heartbeat. =)

We arrived on Wednesday night just in time for an early bedtime.  A big group of us – my bro and sis, one of my nephews, my aunt and uncle and my parents – woke up early to attend Packers practice.  This is a really cool experience and I highly recommend it to everyone…if you like football and Packers in particular. The price is right – FREE – and it’s incredibly fun to watch the Packers working hard and having fun.  Plus, they are SO close!  But one of the coolest parts is to watch the Packers players ride little kids’ bikes into the practice field.  Such a cool tradition!

We got a cool shot of the cousins doing a “Lambeau leap”.  Unfortunately someone said “go Pack go!” and that caused our Bears-loving-Packers-dressed boy to frown.

Micah man fell at the practice and got a great big goose egg on his forehead.  He recovered quickly, thankfully, but it sure left a mark!

Both boys slept (I was only able to capture Micah) the whole drive back to the awesome hotel we stayed at in Milwaukee.  More photos to come of that. =D


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