Wisconsin: Kenosha

Sunday night was the long-awaited viewing of Star Wars, Episode IV.  The boys had been eagerly anticipating this night for what felt like FOREVER.  They were so pumped about it!  We could have watched it solo at our house, but we thought it would be so much more enjoyable to watch it with two specific (“pacific” according to Micah) people who really love it: Uncle Jason and Uncle Ger.  Uncle J took his role very seriously and viewed it ahead of time with the boys in mind – noting good stopping points for discussion and little portions that should be fast-forwarded.  It made for an incredible first experience.

We also spent a lot of time outside and playing various games.  E especially enjoyed learning a new game and playing Risk with Uncle Ger on his phone.  The boys had some awesome light saber wars outside.  And E helped Grandpa make breakfast (as usual!).

On Monday, some of us spent some time at Lake Michigan.  Milestone for Mike: he swam in the lake for the first time!  It was 57 degrees in there, but he absolutely loved it.

We had a great time in Wisconsin.  The whole trip was lots of fun!  We’re extremely thankful for all of our family there and all over the States. =D

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