Our first sweet little nephew celebrated his 3rd birthday this month!  We weren’t at the Dragon and Taco party, but we got to see some pictures and he’s…well, he’s wonderful and adorable!  So, we’re posting a couple pics to show off the cutie.  Happy birthday, Ivan!!

IMG_20160807_115605063_HDRIvan, dragon costume-5 copy copyIvan, dragon costume-6 copy copy

I celebrated my 32nd birthday this month, too!  My sweet friend surprised me with these lovely sunflowers.  They quickly became one of my very favorite flowers in the world!  They are so cheerful and they last a good long time.  It absolutely made my week!

My boys each drew me pictures and Mikey bought me some flowers.  I said something about the flowers being from all three of my boys and Ethan quickly corrected me, “no, Mom, those are just from Dad.  We didn’t even know about them!” =D

We had a lovely, but very windy, picnic at Cherry Creek Res that evening.

I’m sure you’ll see pictures of the presents I purchased with various birthday money gifts – I’m super pumped about all of them!

My sweet little nephews sent over this video for my birthday!  Look at Abraham’s smile!!

We also went to our friends’ kiddos’ 1st birthday.  It was darling!  They had a whole camping theme.  Anyway, here’s a picture of some of the guys from Mike’s fantasy football league (the Superman League) and a picture of the “super” wives.

We have a couple more birthday parties to attend this month, so I’ll probably have another post like this soon. =)

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