After receiving some encouragement as our final “push”, we implemented weekly one-on-one time with each boy.  Once a week each boy gets solo time with each parent.  We’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, but we’ve finally put it in our calendar and are trying to make a concerted effort to make it happen.  The boys have loved it thus far!

Week 1: E and I went for a walk to FedEx (listen, sometimes you still have to do errands and get things done!) and out for dinner at Chipotle.  Mike and Micah spent their time at the park playing on the playground and playing baseball.  They were still playing at the park when E and I got home, so we joined them for a bit.  Micah might be the most excited person about this whole thing – we’ve never seen him so “hyper” before!


Then later in the week, E and Mike played frisbee while Micah and I colored mini-figs  (they aren’t actually called mini-figs, but that’s what we called them).

Week 2:  E and I stayed home and had an intense hour and a half long dart wars battle!  It was awesome.  We even kept score – E won!  Meanwhile, Mike and Micah went to a pet store to check out animals (no, we are not getting a pet.  Micah just loves animals!).  I don’t think we ever got to do the other one-on-one time because we had our next visitor arrive!  More on that later. =D

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