We are thrilled to live near to our cousins (and aunt and uncle) again!  They were a HUGE part of why I moved out to Colorado originally to go to CCU.  And they were a huge part of why we wanted to move back, too!

My cousin was months old when I first moved to Denver.  And now, he’s old enough to babysit my boys.  And he did!  *milestone* The boys were SO excited.  Ethan spent about 15 minutes at the door waiting for Ike to arrive.  Meanwhile, Micah spent that time hiding so that he could scare him when he first walked in!  It was darling.

I couldn’t find any pics of my first weekend in Colorado with the boys…but here’s Ike and me at our wedding!  And a shot of E waiting for him to arrive.

Later that week one of our other cousins came over for the day.  We LOVED having him.  Micah was sick that morning – a 3 hour stomach flu?? – but he was fine by the afternoon and then both boys spent time playing with him.  We made sure to have some special treats while he was here – mac and cheese for lunch and homemade peanut butter popsicles. YUM!

Living near family is a huge blessing!  We are trying not to take it for granted.

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