Daily Life

Every 5-6 weeks, Mikey travels back to Atlanta for work.  It’s been working really well for us thus far and I often enjoy my week of solo parenting.  Last week was one such week but it was full of ups and downs.

Highlights included (1) getting my birthday gift from ThredUp!  Woot!  (2) E had had enough playing with Micah for the day, so I gave him a good 30 minutes of math homework to do.  He said, “Mom, are you trying to punish me for not playing with Micah?  Because I love math, so this is not a punishment.”  For the record, it was NOT a punishment.  I was trying to give him a better excuse for a break from playing than having him just sit there refusing to play. =D  (3) Micah came up with his own workouts to do in the house.  He was hilarious.  Pictures don’t do this justice.

And because I don’t know where else to put this, but it needs to be recorded…here’s a sweet story from Ethan watching the Olympics.  While we were watching them together one of the runners fell down and clearly was injured.  E was pretty concerned about it and said, “I hope his mom is there!”  He said that if he was hurt, he would want his mom to be there. =D

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