First Week of Homeschool

…and we’re off and running!  Ethan had his first official week of homeschool this past week.  I’m happy to report that all went extremely well.  He was eager to start and we had lots of fun together, with very, very little complaining. Win!

This was his first day of 1st/2nd grade (listen, when you homeschool the school year just doesn’t matter much…technically, he is starting his 1st grade year because had we done public school, we would have wanted him to be one of the oldest in his classroom…but he is doing 2nd grade math and reading at a who-really-knows-what-level-but-it’s-probably-past-2nd-grade level):

Ethan is 7 years old and 58.6 pounds.  He’s 4 feet 3 inches.  His favorite color is now blue and his favorite sport is soccer.  He had blueberry pancakes for his special breakfast.  And we made sure to take a picture of him with his teacher this year. =D

Here are various pics of E doing schoolwork around the house.

Thursday was our first community day at Classical Conversations.  It was also my first day as a tutor (that’s CC lingo for teacher) for Ethan’s class.  I will have 7 kiddos most weeks, but one boy is out of town right now.  We took a first day of class picture and you can see their sweet and silly personalities shining through in these pics!  It’s going to be a fun year!

Micah took a picture of Ethan with his tutor after we survived our first day. =D


Micah starts preschool on Monday, so he was in and out with us this week.  He really enjoys homeschooling, too, so he is feeling a little sad to be missing out.  We are hoping and praying that preschool is a blast for him on Monday!

Our last day of the first week of homeschool was spent at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We took our cousin along with us, which made it extra fun!  We stopped by Auntie Jen’s kisii stone product first, which is always surreal to see in a store!

We took this mink picture for Grandpa in honor of the awesome pictures he sent of a mink catching his food this week.

Also, check out what we will look like when we are 70 years old.  Eek! =D

And, time for a throwback to another time we posed as moose…in 2012!

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