So, both boys started their soccer season this past Saturday.  Ethan has played on two teams previously; this was Micah’s first time.  E was extremely excited about it and had spent the last two weeks playing soccer in the house and at the park to get prepared.  Micah was not nearly so excited…we might even go so far as to say he was dreading it.  He had been excited about it, but that excitement waned the nearer to Saturday we got.

This season we have practices and games (for BOTH!) on Saturdays.  So, while it means Saturdays are a bit busy, it also means that we are not carting boys all around town throughout the week for it.

E had a great first game and practice.  He seemed to really enjoy being out there again and has definitely improved.  Apparently he even came close to scoring until someone on his own team took the ball away from him. =(


Micah looked adorable and tiny out there.  It was fun to see him in his first jersey.  He didn’t end up playing in his game, unfortunately.  He was a bit of a mess and really didn’t want to be out there.  He practiced with his team a little bit, but really wasn’t having it when it came time for the game.  We’ll see if next week goes any better.  He will probably have a blast if he gives it a try, but he, like Ethan, doesn’t like new things very much.

Our sweet friends came to cheer on the boys.  P was adorable and did a lot of cheering and encouraging. =)

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