Micah continues to ask us to take pictures of many of his creations.  He’s definitely got a creative personality and loves to build.  Here are this weeks’ pictures as requested by Micah.

Miss Amy made us these phenomenal truffle cake pop deliciousness treats.  We wanted to take a picture to show our appreciation!  She made them to celebrate my birthday and they were the perfect choice!  Yum!


This is what at least one room in my house looks like every.single.week.  Insert emoji with big eyes!


We LOVE living so close to our park.  We are trying to go regularly, especially now that school started.  It’s fun to do lunches or dinners there and even just to walk around.

One-on-ones for this week.  E went with Daddio to play soccer in the park, while Micah and I played with play-doh at the house.  No pictures taken, sorry.  Later, Daddio took Micah to get frozen yogurt (where they also playing basketball) and E and I played Monopoly Deal (I recommend this game highly!).

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