Micah’s first days at Jr K

Micah started a Jr. Kindergarten program at a church up the street from our house.  He’s going 4 days a week.  He’s not thrilled about it, as he’d rather do homeschool or just play with his brother all day. =D

Here are some pictures of his first day.  We had a special pancake breakfast and made sure to measure his height and weight.  His first day was pretty fun as I got to sit in with him for most of it.  We had a little hiccup when he was supposed to go play on the playground while I got some more information.  Doing new things doesn’t come easily for this family (with Mike as a notable exception), so it doesn’t surprise me that this was hard for him.

He had two more days of school before our big trip to Wisconsin.  Ultimately, they went well but drop off was decently breezy one day and very difficult the other.  We’re praying for him to be brave and for him to find so much joy and peace while he’s at school.

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