In the meantime…

Our trip to Wisconsin was a while ago now, so let me get you caught up on life in this post.

We’ve continued homeschooling and it’s been going well.  We finally finished our math book from last year and are being careful to not get behind again!!  Ethan and I read “The BFG” together and then spent our one-on-one time together watching it at the cheap movie theater.  Field trip!  We had a blast and laughed so hard throughout much of it.  Micah and Daddio went to the cheap movie theater to watch “Finding Dory” and they seemed to enjoy themselves, too.  E and I also finished reading “Sarah, Plain and Tall” and watched the movie.  Somehow we got the playwright from the library, rather than the actual book, but it made watching the movie extra fun!

We also started going to Awana at the church that Micah goes to for preschool.  E seems to really enjoy it.  Micah has a very sweet friend that attends with him, but he prefers going only if I am going to be staying with him.  He’s gone twice thus far and opted out once.  We’ll see how that progresses, but we’re hopeful that he’ll love it and Mike and I will get a short date each week.

I finished the LONG saga of painting our dining room chairs white.  And then I painted a bench that was left in our garage when we moved in.  Pumped about that.  =)  And a sweet friend of mine sent some lovely artwork for our walls – it fits our theme perfectly!

E started PE+ (also at the church where Micah does preschool).  He LOVES it.  He plays for an hour with kids around his age and then he stays for another hour and plays with his cousins and other big kids.  It’s a lot of fun.

We go for a lot of walks around our neighborhood these days.  E and I go for a walk every day after dropping Micah off at school.  We review our memory work for Classical Conversations and just enjoy God’s beautiful world.  Some nights we go as a family and we all really love that!

We had a picnic at Micah’s preschool.  He got to show us around his playground and play with some of his friends.

More updates to come…this one is long enough! =D

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