In the Meantime, continued…

Uncle Jason had a work meeting in Westminster the week after our trip to Wisconsin.  We were thrilled to get to host him for a meal and some football watching!  We chose not to tell the boys, so when we returned home from our walk and found him getting out of his car, they were stunned.  Ethan turned around and asked, “Mom, is that Uncle Jason?!?” before running to give him a hug!


Speaking of brief visitors, we also had the opportunity to host Grandpa and his friend, Mr. Rick, twice this past week.  They were traveling to see the elk and the beautiful scenery in Rocky Mountain National Park and stopped in to see us on their way up and back home again.  We had a nice amount of time with them and really enjoyed their company.  Grandpa even put Micah’s training wheels on his bike and taught him how to ride a bit.  Mr. Rick played a bunch of games of Corn Hole with Ethan and lost, or so I’m told, every single game. =D  We also walked to get some frozen yogurt!

My Dad brought his old bike out for me to keep!  I am absolutely thrilled.  E and I have been biking every day for “fitness class” for homeschool and reviewing our memory work. It’s been awesome.  I guess Mike snapped a pic of us heading out the other day. =D


Other updates include lots of time baking various muffins…

…Continued one-on-ones with each boy…(some of us take pictures, while others do not)

…lots of fun at Classical Conversations.  And for those of you who have been praying for me as a newbie tutor, thank you.  It’s been going extremely well and I’m pleased to say that it’s been more fun than work.  Phew!  If you can’t tell, hahaha, that’s an abstract art drawing of my name. =D

Also, we are official a one-car family.  We have been acting like one for months now, but we finally sold our Jetta to carmax this past month.  Here’s Micah reading books while we wait for the paperwork to be completed.  And here’s a picture of our family back in April when we first thought we were going to sell the car and needed to say goodbye to it. =D

We continue to be a game-playing family and a game-watching family.  We were able to watch (some of it, for some of us) of the Packers game last Sunday night.

Also, I hosted my first baby shower/sprinkle for a very dear friend.  Logistics worked out well and it was a very sweet time!  Yay!

And I started my first night BSF class.  I’m thankful that I have another dear friend joining me at it because it’s really hard for me to want to stay in jeans to be appropriately clothed for anything at night. 😉  I took this first picture because I always like to remember when I started BSF and what I was studying at various seasons in my life.  I truly cannot recommend a better Bible Study…it’s been life-changing for me.  Then, I was laughing at myself because my tendency is to want to show “cute” little snapshots of my life…and I thought it would be nice to remember the real-ness of this season, too, so I took another pic. =D

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