Life a little after we lived it…

So, I’m falling behind in my posting and I don’t think it’s because our life has slowed way down and we have no pictures to share. =/  Sorry for the delays!

Micah continues to work on riding his bike, with training wheels.  He’s been enjoying it!

School has improved for Micah.  He’s been enjoying it lately.  Thanks to all who have been praying for us in this season!!  Here he is drawing a picture for his teacher’s birthday.  He has a great memory – it really amazes me!  He learned this poem at school and loves saying it for us.  He is often heard saying various Bible verses or songs/poems he has learned.  Micah also had his very first school field trip.  I was able to drive for it and take Ethan along.  We had a really nice time learning about life in the 1890s (if I am remembering the date properly…).

Homeschool has been going incredibly well this year (that doesn’t mean every day is easy or that it goes smoothly…but most days are super enjoyable).  E and I have a new routine which includes biking to a park a couple miles away and doing some school work there.  It’s been lovely to be out of the house and to just play and run around in between each subject.

We still do some school at the house.  He’s been enjoying learning new techniques for drawing – his favorite is drawing upside down. =D  And we officially bought a standing desk for all of us to share.

E and I also were able to go to our very first ballet (other than the one I was in as a child).  We saw Swan Lake.  It was really fun to see, although I had no idea how it ended!!  The movie I grew up watching didn’t end like that… =/

We’ve had a busy, but fun beginning to fall.  More fall updates to come.

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