Happy Fall, Ya’ll

Listen, I lived in Georgia for 3 years.  I get to say ya’ll sometimes.  I prefer to do it when speaking about fall. =D

We have officially decorated our home for fall.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to do so.  We put out some pumpkins, changed out our placemats and drew pictures on our patio door. =)

We took a drive through the mountains to see some of the beautiful sights.  We drove to the lake where Mike proposed some 11 years ago; we hadn’t been back since that night.  It was a little surreal to see the boys playing where he asked me to marry him!  We also got some ice cream in Nederland inside a train cab, which the boys thought was super cool.  It was a beautiful day!

I took the boys on a field trip to a cool pumpkin patch about 25 minutes south of us.  We spent 3+ hours there and had a great time!  The boys would tell you the highlight was to play laser tag outside for the first time.  I played with them, which was fun!  Micah had absolutely no fear and chased down boys three times his size to shoot them.  Hilarious.  “Mom, hold down the fort.  I’m going to go out!”  Um…okay. =D

And this weekend we had the pleasure of going to a corn maze with Reggie!  We had an awesome time exploring with him.  It was lots of fun to let each boy lead us around.  And we could not have had better weather for it!

We love the fall!

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