A Weekend with our Friends!

Our friends flew out here for a long weekend and it was incredible!  We absolutely loved hosting them and were all wishing they could stay a little longer when it was time to say goodbye.

Pictures from Friday:

Micah and I met them at the airport just to make sure everything went smoothly and to welcome them to Colorado!

Then we went to Ethan’s PE+ class and Hana got to participate, too.  The Littles enjoyed “participating” on the sideline – throwing balls back into the field of play.

We grabbed lunch at one of our favorite spots and then headed to the park to play.  Afterwards, E, H, and the mamas walked home (which is where E and I usually bike).

Time spent at the house that afternoon:

That evening we took the crew to Little Man Ice-cream downtown and read books before bed:

Pictures from Saturday:

We spent Saturday morning watching the boys’ final soccer games.  It was unfortunate timing, but the boys really loved having such sweet fans there.  Micah scored his first two goals of the season!  And Ethan scored the final goal for his team.  Sadly, they lost the championship in overtime.

I’ll split this post into two parts as this is getting pretty long. =D

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