Homeschool and Preschool

E and I spend many of our mornings biking to various parks to do some homeschool.  This fall weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we are making the most of it!  We also took some “school” pictures while we were out one day (same day Micah had school pictures at preschool).  One of those days, Daddio happened to be biking to get some lunch and we “biked” into him. =D

Picture day for Micah at preschool!  He wanted to dress “fancy”.  And here are his school picture proofs.  Seriously??  They are so fantastic. =D

And here are some more pictures from homeschooling life with E-man (including time at Classical Conversations).  Lots of our time is spent reading good books:

Every now and then we get Micah to school a little early…and it’s cute.

This week, Micah is off school and has been joining us with homeschooling.  It’s been tricky, but mostly super fun.  E finished his October BookIt! goal.

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