A Visit from Grandpa and Grandma

My parents and Grandpa drove out to visit us (and my Auntie) last week.  We had a lovely visit with them!

Here are some pictures from around the house.  Grandma gave us her football helmets and the boys each arranged them in order of their favorite teams.  Micah loved playing a newly invented game called, “Stinky Socks” with Grandma.

And Grandpa made the boys a tree house in the backyard!  This was incredibly exciting!  The boys have been playing in it every day since.

The boys also rode their bikes with Grandpa and jumped in the leaves.

They got to be around for a lot of fun weekly activities.  Grandpa and Daddio were at Micah’s harvest program.

And Grandma and Grandpa sat in during our Classical Conversations class.

And everyone enjoyed the morning at PE plus.  Afterwards, Great Grandpa and the Jonker clan came over for lunch.

We spent some fun time at the Jonker’s house over the weekend, too.

We loved having these guys visit!  Thanks for coming!

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