Catch Up Post

Micah had a week off of preschool for his fall break the last week in October.  (Mike was traveling to Atlanta for the week.)  He really enjoyed being at home with us and we made sure to do some more exciting things for homeschool for his benefit.

One of those exciting things was to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We stopped by at the gift shop right away to see Auntie Jennie’s products.  I am always so proud to see it and this day it was front and center when you first walk in the store! Super cool.

Micah also got ready for his “Toadally Awesome Kid Week” during this week.  When he started back at school, he was the Toadally Awesome Kid and got to present a poster about himself, bring in his favorite toy (Blue Bear was his choice), have his Mama read a book to the class (he picked, “The Book with No Pictures”) and then bring in his favorite “healthy” snack (animal crackers and raisins were his choice).

The week ended with a super fun birthday party for one of our family friends.  Micah was pretty shy at the start of this party, but eventually he joined in the fun.  E was busy with his buddy the whole time, which was fun to see.

This kid impresses me so much.  Listen to him sing all of his Math skip counting songs right in a row…but don’t listen too closely to the 13s. =D

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