Grandma Cleve’s Visit

We had the privilege of hosting Grandma Cleve for the first two weeks of November.  Of course she came to see us, but the timing was arranged so that she could be in town for the birth of Ashley and Zach’s first son (which, thankfully, worked out!!).  Caleb was born just shy of a week after Grandma Cleve arrived, but I’ll do a post on that special day separately. =D  Here are some pictures of every day life with special appearances by Grandma Cleve!

We enjoyed a lot of beautiful days outside:

And we spent some time indoors, too.  They especially loved the BIG paper Grandma Cleve brought for art projects.  There were lots of nerf wars and light saber battles, too.

Here are some pics of our other weekly activities, including Classical Conversations (we were playing a review game called, “dress the tutor” in the silly pictures of me all dressed up) and PE +.  As a one car family, we sometimes have to get creative in order to get to our activities.  I walked to pick up Micah from school one day and another day, E and I biked to Awana.  Also, Micah had another field trip (this time to King Soopers for a scavenger hunt and to buy canned goods for charity).  And, the last photo is of my Auntie and me at CC in our matching style shirts. =D

Two more highlights from our time with Grandma Cleve included celebrating Veteran’s Day with her at a parade downtown and going on a tour of the Mint.

We had a lovely visit with Grandma Cleve and especially enjoyed just showing her what every day life looks like around here.  She may not have returned to work all that rested after this vacation, but we are pretty sure she enjoyed herself! =D  Thanks for coming to visit, Grandma Cleve!!

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