Back to just the 4 of us

We got to see the Super Moon this week!!  SO cool.  I saw it on my drive to BSF and called Mike to make sure he took those guys out to see it.  They went for a night walk and took a picture for me. =D  And I took a picture of the gorgeous lights just down the street from us to show the boys.

The boys spent one afternoon getting their fort “winterized”. Oh my word.

We’ve enjoyed some super low-key days this week.  We spent one evening doing our Operation Christmas Child boxes, which the boys thought was awesome!  We spent another evening playing games and one evening watching a little football.  These boys love being close. =D  We’ve also done a lot of book-reading.

And this describes life in Colorado like nothing else can: back to back days of what we were doing.  One day, Ethan was reading in the tree in 80 degree weather; the next day, the boys were playing in the snow.

Enjoying the first snow of the season and some hot chocolate and cookies afterwards:

The three of us were wearing stripes today, unintentionally.  Unfortunately, when I suggested to take a picture of it, someone thought they should change their clothes.  Sigh. I am adding these pictures because they just show real life “struggles” and some of the fun we have in the midst of it all.

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