My Retreat!

I had such a lovely retreat with one of my dear friends recently.  She and I headed to the mountains to spend some time relaxing.  It was a fantastic getaway, one that will need to happen again!

On Saturday, we spent much of the morning hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was pretty cold, but absolutely beautiful.  I think we figured out that it was something close to 6 miles altogether.

img_0779 img_0781 img_0783 img_0787 img_0788 img_0790 img_0793 img_0798 img_0805 img_0810 img_0814 img_0817 img_0824 img_0826 img_0827

We also enjoyed an evening painting canvases.  The woman teaching the class allowed us to pick out the canvas we liked most.  We ended up being the only two people in the class, which was extra fun!  And we loved the way our artwork turned out.

img_0829 img_0830 img_0832

Anyway, it was a much needed retreat!  The boys had some serious fun while I was gone, too.  Mikey is a great daddy and makes going away relatively easy on me.  I always know the boys are having a good time – he goes out of his way to make it special for them.

img_0820 img_0832-1 img_0845

Thank you, Mikey and Amy, for this incredible gift!

4 thoughts on “My Retreat!

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  2. Thanking the Lord for good friends and great husbands! Nothing better than some good girl time to relax and recoup from life. So happy you guys got together. Looks like you had a blast!!

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