Grandpa Russ drove out for a visit over Thanksgiving (I’ll do a post about the rest of our time with him later).  Ashley and Zach came over, too, along with baby Caleb.  We had a lovely time together and our “feast” turned out pretty well.  (Although, for future reference, I will not be making turkey again.  It’s the most work and the least enjoyed part of the meal in our opinion.)

The boys and I worked on turkey place cards.  Micah drew two smiley faces on each one because they were “so happy about the feast”.  They also helped me draw a big turkey on the patio door as decoration.

Here are some fun family pictures of our day together (including a milestone for Caleb – first Thanksgiving!):

Much of the day was spent outside by Grandpa Russ and the boys.  They played football and helped blow the leaves into a pile.  Later that evening, I took Micah on a night walk to see Christmas lights (everyone else had gone on a walk earlier in the day) and when we came home everyone was fake sleeping.  Some are better fake sleepers than others. =D

We have so many things for which to be thankful.  Our hearts are very full.

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