Grandpa Russ

We really enjoyed our visit with Grandpa Russ over Thanksgiving.  The boys had fun doing wars with their army guys and going through coins with him.

We got to see a lot of Ashley, Zach and Caleb over his visit.  Micah is smitten (well, I guess we all are, but it’s pretty darling to watch him with Caleb).

We took Grandpa Russ up the mountains.  We wanted to give the boys a chance to see skiing firsthand before going up for their first time to try it.  Colorado gives free passes for kiddos for certain years, so that’s exciting!!  Unfortunately, neither boy did all that well with the elevation…so we’ll have to see what happens with their future trips. =/

The Chiefs were playing the Broncos while he was here, so Mike took him to the game as a surprise Christmas gift!  It was an incredible game to be at and they had  great time.  The night before the game, Grandpa Russ had the boys wear some of his Chiefs gear to tease me.  It was pretty darling.

We had a great time with him!  Thanks for coming out to visit, Grandpa Russ!

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