Recent Happenings

Micah requested that we have another Packers picnic, “like we had when we lived in Georgia with the mac and cheese and sitting on the football blanket”.  Thankfully the Packers were playing that Monday night, so we made it happen.  The boys had a great time celebrating a win *finally* and eating all green and gold food.  In other exciting news, Micah is now a fan of the Packers again, “even if they play the Bears”.  (Sorry, Jason!) They took the decorating VERY seriously and even shed some tears over disagreements about the appropriateness of using one of my shirts as a pillow cover or just draping it over the couch.  Such little sweeties.

Ethan is learning how to divide.  We used our NFL helmets to explain divisions.  It was classic!  Feeling thankful for Classical Conversations and learning all those skip-counting songs!  Phew.


Boys got their hair cut.  I treated them to hot chocolate while we waited for their turn.


Meagen came over for dinner.  Micah took the liberty of photographing the occasion.

Micah has started to love doing puzzles now.  This used to be Ethan’s favorite pastime and I couldn’t convince Micah to spend any amount of time doing them.  But now he is often found doing puzzles!  He also loves practicing his letters and drawing pictures.

E and I went to our old eye doctor for check ups.  He apparently has 5 rows of lashes.  I don’t know how many the average person has, but that seems a bit excessive!  No wonder they are so stunning!

And here is a video of Micah’s recent Bible memory verse:

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