Advent Activities 1-5

One of my very favorite new traditions is doing a different Advent Activity leading up to Christmas.  I realize Advent starts before the 1st of December, but to keep things simple around here, that’s when we start.  The boys told me some of their favorites from years past, so I made sure to include those again this year.  One change for 2016 is that we are reading through an Advent book together.  I received it from my Auntie (as usual! BIG thanks!) and we’ve been enjoying it.  The stories are a little bit long, but they are interesting and include some questions to ponder as we prepare for Christmas.

Day 1: Make snowflakes and decorate the boys’ room with them!  We were thankful to have Aunt Jennie around for the first few days of our Advent Activities.  She always makes things extra exciting!  She and Uncle J also gave the boys a Star Wars Lego calendar because, as Jennie says, “nothing says Christmas like Star Wars Legos!” =D  The boys were thrilled!

Day 2: Watch a Christmas movie!  Beware: this story will break your heart.  Some unfortunate consequences needed to be handed out this day.  And I only mention this because it shows the sweet heart our littlest boy has and that is very worth mentioning.  E was not going to be able to watch the movie with the rest of us, so he was in his room when we were getting it started.  Micah was so, so sad that his brother was going to miss it that he said he didn’t want to watch it, either, and would just go to bed early instead.  He even tried keeping a blanket over his head so that he wouldn’t see it.  Eventually we convinced him that it was okay for him to enjoy the movie, etc. etc., but when it came time for popcorn he asked, “Mom, may I please go bring Ethan two pieces of popcorn?”  Through tears I agreed.  He’s so generous and selfless, it blows my mind.  Anyway, no pictures, just heart-warming stories. =D

Day 3: Celebrate Micah’s birthday and volunteer with Aunt Jennie at the Global Bizarre.  More pictures and stories to come on this day in a future post…things did not turn out quite the way we had hoped, but it was still a lot of fun.

Day 4: Go for a Christmas light drive in our new (to us) pajamas!  Taking pictures can be a real challenge.

Day 5: Drink hot chocolate and read the Christmas Story in Luke.  We also happened to make Christmas cookies for a special delivery the following day, so we enjoyed one of those, too.

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