Celebrating Micah!

Micah John turned 5 years old last weekend.  This means two especially exciting things for him: #1) he can officially chew gum! (that’s just a Cleve Crew rule) and #2) he can officially play Dart Warz!

The day before his 5th birthday was another homeschool day at Dart Warz, so we headed over there with Aunt Jennie to play.  Our cousins joined us, too!  At first Micah wasn’t interested in playing, but eventually he decided it would be fun.  He absolutely enjoyed himself out there!  It was particularly fun to have Aunt Jen to aim at the whole time. =D

His actual birthday fell on the same day as the Global Bizarre (a post about that is on its way shortly), so he spent the day with Daddio before celebrating a bit with all of us that evening.  He opened a present from Jen and J before the three of us headed out and then opened one on Skype from Grandma Cleve with Daddio.  He was pretty pumped up about both gifts!

That evening we went out for an early dinner at Mod Market after the Global Bizarre.  Unfortunately, Ethan started feeling sick when we were finishing up at the sale and was pretty miserable for the rest of that evening.  He even fell asleep at the restaurant and then threw up in the car on the way home.  He has an incredibly sweet heart and desperately wanted to watch Micah open his gifts that evening, so we moved the festivities into his room where we took a couple breaks for some more throwing up. =/  Thankfully, Micah was over-joyed with all of the generous gifts and kept us all entertained!

Check out his excitement with his remote control dragon!

The following morning I made Belgian waffles for breakfast (even though Ethan was still a bit sick and couldn’t enjoy them with us).  And we celebrated with lunch and birthday cake with cousins that afternoon.

Micah also got these adorable videos to celebrate his birthday:

Micah is growing so much, physically and otherwise.  In fact, he has been having a lot of growing pains in the more recent weeks.  He’s wearing mostly 5T now, but I don’t have any other measurements recorded for this milestone quite yet.  The thing that stands out the most about Micah is his thoughtful, self-less heart.  He will always give away bites of his special treats (and this boy LOVES special treats!), is the first to remind me to buy granola bars for homeless people, would like to give away toys and the guest bedroom to people in need, shares most things with his brother or anyone else, and is the first to offer to pray at every meal (and usually includes something thoughtful about the people around the table or asks for someone to be healed).  I’ve learned so much as his mama.  He blesses me daily and I am thankful for him!

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