Global Bazaar

My Aunt and Uncle’s church (fun fact: it’s also the church where Mike and I tied the knot!) hosts a Global Bazaar.  Each year that we’ve lived in Denver, my sister has come out to sell her fair trade items!  The last time she sold at the Bazaar, though, was when Micah was born!  Unreal.  How’s that for a throwback?!

Walk down memory lane with me…I picked up Aunt Jennie from the airport that year (2011) and handed her my phone for tracking my contractions.  I remember her saying after a shorter contraction, “oh!  That one wasn’t too bad!” =D  We proceeded to set up the church for the sale, while I continued to have contractions.  They died down that evening, but the following morning they started up with a vengeance.  Needless to say, I was not helping at that sale as Micah was born around 10:30 that morning (I think)!  Jennie brought Ethan to the hospital to meet Micah for the first time on Sunday, the day after the show.  The pic on the bottom is the pic we snapped before Mike and I drove to the airport when Miss Gina came to watch Ethan for the day!  The family pic is the night we got home from the airport – Jen took it for us.

This year, Ethan joined Jen and me for the sale.  He helped all day long and was wonderful.  He spoke to a lot of people, telling them a little bit about the sculptures.  He also wrapped a lot of them for us.  He was such a blast to hang with for the day.

Comparison of 2011 and 2016 (my sister doesn’t age, but E sure does!!):

Thanks, Jen, for letting us help you!  We are very proud of Venture Imports and all that you do around the world!

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