Sickness and Advent Activities 6-9

Well, the evening Jennie left the flu hit me hard.  I can’t remember ever feeling more sick than I felt that night.  No one wants to hear the details of all of the throw up and woes.  So, suffice it to say that I was very sick and the night after, Micah got incredibly sick, too.  We’ve been battling ever since, but there have been some VERY bright spots this week: our friends and the boys’ sweet servant hearts!  Two friends brought food to us and their generosity and willingness to drop everything to meet our needs brings me to tears just thinking about it.  Thank you, Amy (and Dave!) and Kelsey.  And the boys…well, they truly could not have been more helpful.  I was unable to get out of bed all day after the flu hit, but the boys played by themselves, figured out their own food (thanks primarily due to our friends bringing things for them to eat!) and even offered me some food (and music), too.

As could be expected, I think, our Advent Activities were a little sparse this week.

Day 6: Secret acts of kindness day – Since this one is a secret, I can’t post about it. =)  But we had a good day trying to find ways to bless people.

Day 7: too much sickness to do anything

Day 8: Christmas Crafts

Day 9: more sickness issues and no exciting activity to report =/

We’ve played a lot of Monopoly Deal, read lots of books, and watched a couple movies.  Friday, I finally “cooked” dinner again, but I was so grateful to have an easy 5 Bean Soup to prepare, courtesy of one of my kiddos at Classical Conversations.  Woot!

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