Other Happenings…

Here are some pictures that happened day 10-15 but had nothing to do with our Advent Activities.

Boys hamming it up after church:

Packers won again!  Woot!

Apparently Micah missed me a lot while I was gone at BSF Monday night.  He asked his brother to snuggle him for a while.  Melt.my.heart. =)


Micah picked out and received (Amazon, of course) his birthday gift from Great Grandpa.  Thanks for the new Star Wars Legos!


Micah sang in his Christmas program at preschool.  He was a shepherd and had to look around for a gift good enough to give to Baby Jesus. =)  He made some Christmas gifts to give his family that day, too.

We’ve been playing a lot of games as a family this week.

Micah (and his parents) have decided to be done with preschool and begin his homeschooling journey a little early.  Thursday marked his last day there.  He has no regrets about the decision thus far and says he is very excited to start homeschooling and stay home with the rest of the family.


That afternoon, Mike and Micah had eye appointments.  (E and I had our appointments earlier in the month)  The Lord’s timing here is impeccable.  Hours before the appointment, Mike’s eye got pink and pussy.  He was miserable, of course.  Thankfully the eye doctor was able to prescribe him with something and it’s definitely healing!  E and I went along so that I could pick out and order my new glasses.  I snapped a few pictures of my guys – one looks slightly more excited to be there than the other, eh?  This may be a milestone for Micah – first legit eye exam!

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